We have some great all-natural Footehills Farmhouse soaps, Lip Balms, Shaving Soap, Hand & Body lotion, Scrubs & Balms for sale. We are open to shipping items or Free local Pick-up or delivery.

All of our items are made by Louanna here at the farm. We use therapeutic grade essential oils to provide you with all of their benefits. Our Soaps are hand-cut and average 3.5-4oz.


Appalachian Trail (Vegan)

$ 5.00 USD

A vegan version of Morning Dew. Patchouli essential oil, coconut milk soap with a sprinkle of Cinnamon for color and exfoliating.

Day's End (Vegan)

$ 5.00 USD

A luscious coconut milk soap scented with Lavender essential oil and topped with Lavender buds. A great way to wash away the stress of the day!

Lake House (Vegan)

$ 5.00 USD

Spearmint and Eucalyptus essential oils scent this coconut milk soap. Made with olive, coconut and castor oils, it will nourish your skin and your senses. Just like a refreshing weekend at the lake!


$ 5 USD

Our goat milk soap scented with lime and ginger refreshes as it cleans.



Black & Tan

$ 5 USD

This is one of our beer soaps. Made with a Black & Tan instead of water. Then we scent it with Cedarwood and Balsam Fir Essential Oils. The lovely black comes from activated charcoal of course!

China Cat

$ 5 USD

Adorned with three Black Peppercorns, this Goat Milk Soap is scented with Vanilla, Patchouli & Black Pepper Essential Oils.

Citrus Luffa

$ 5 USD

One of our homegrown luffa, filled with our citrus scented goat milk soap and then cut down to size. Topped off with a string to hang it from!


$ 5 USD

Our Relax soap with one of our Luffas pressed right in for a great scrubby clean.

Fresh Air

$ 5 USD

Our goat milk soap base scented with Lemon and Rosemary Essential Oils and bits of rosemary mixed throughout. A fresh spring scent.


Joyful Noise

$ 5 USD

Lemongrass and Grapefruit combine in this wonderful Goat Milk soap.

Licorice Stix

$ 5 USD

Our goat milk soap with activated charcoal to exfoliate and clarify you skin. Scented with Star Anise essential oil to give that yummy licorice scent.


Morning Dew

$ 5 USD

Our Goat Milk Soap scented with Patchouli and colored with Cinnamon. A subtle earthy scent for the shower.

Oatmeal Porter

$ 5 USD

One of our beer soaps made with a Porter this time. Infused with colloidal oatmeal and scented with Bergamot and Patchouli Essential Oils. A creamy treat for your skin.


$ 5 USD

Just like an old fashioned pomander. The yummy scent of oranges with a hint of clove stimulates your senses and rinses clean.


Precious Flower

$ 5 USD

Homegrown Calendula to soothe your skin combined with the scent of Roman Chamomile. Precious indeed.


Pumpkin Spice

$ 5 USD

Made with pumpkin and a bit of goat milk. This Cinnamon scented soap smells like fresh Pumpkin Pie!


$ 5 USD

Our most popular soap! The clean, old fashioned smell of lavender in our goat milk soap.



Scent Free

$ 5 USD

Our goat milk soap made with no scent. Perfect for those who need to have no scents to irritate their skin.


Sleigh Ride

$ 5 USD

Back this year by request. Our goat milk soap scented with Wintergreen and Spearmint. A breath of fresh air!

Soap Gift Pack

$ 13 USD

Two bars of our soap with one of our Cedar Soap dishes. Place your soap choices in the special instructions box at checkout.

Summer Evening Breeze

$ 5 USD

A scent just like those summer Jasmine-filled nights. Our goat milk soap with Hibiscus Flower Tea & Jasmine Essential Oil for a reminder of warmer weather.


Tangerine Dream

$ 5 USD

Turmeric and Tangerine Essential Oil give this Goat Milk Soap its lovely orange accent. Coupled with the scent of Coriander, it's sure to wake you up in the morning.

Toasted Shamrock

$ 5 USD

A mixture of peppermint and chocolate in our lovely milk soap. 



Yule Star

$ 5 USD

A Christmas soap made with our goat milk and scented with Clove and Rosemary.

Cedar Soap Dish

$ 5 USD

Cedar cut from our farm and shaped into a colorful soap dish for your goat milk soap.



Can Style Black & Tan

$ 10 USD

An 8oz round version of our Black & Tan. Charcoal for color and Cedarwood and Balsam Fir Essential Oil.

The Hopster

$ 10 USD

Our version of the IPA. A little Turmeric for color and scented with Tangerine and Cajeput Essential Oils.

Can Style Oatmeal Porter

$ 10 USD

Our Oatmeal Porter in an 8oz bar. Shaped into 2in round bar. Still scented with Patchouli and Bergamot.

The Weiss Guy

$ 10 USD

This beer based soap is made with a Weiss beer and scented that way. Hints of lemon and coriander. 8oz round bar.

The 4 Pack

$ 45 USD

Our four beer based soaps in a 2 inch round shape and 8oz size. Black & Tan, The Weiss Guy, Oatmeal Porter and The Hopster. Make a great gift for the Beer Connoisseur in your life.

Beard Oil

$ 7 USD

Condition your beard and skin with our natural beard oil. Lightly scented with Clary Sage and Cedarwood. A 2oz bottle.


Marooned Aftershave

$ 9 USD

Cloves, Cinnamon, Bay Leaves & Allspice steeped in Black Rum for two weeks. Then we combined it with Vegetable Glycerine and Witch Hazel for a spicy skin soothing scent that you'll love.


Shave Station

$ 25 USD

A handmade cedar shaving station. Our Goat Milk Mug Soap made in a glass Mason jar and a Boar Bristle shaving brush.

Moustache Wax

$ 7 USD

Feelin' moustache? Sculpt your facial hair with our coconut oil and beeswax based moustache wax. Lightly scented with Clary Sage and Cedarwood Essential Oils.


Shampoo Bar

$ 5 USD

A blend of oils with extra Castor Oil for a rich lather. Cut hand size to rub straight on your head. Scented with Peppermint, Tea Tree & Rosemary Essential Oils. Rinses clean and leaves your hair soft and fresh.


Shave Butter

$ 7 USD

Shea butter and coconut oil combined to make a soothing shave cream that soothes your skin as you shave. Scented with clary sage, cedarwood and copaiba essential oils. 


Wyld Hare Wax

$ 8 USD

A strong holding hair wax made from all natural ingredients. We love how it holds all day!


Jelly Flight

$ 30 USD

Three of our Homemade Jams nestled on their own Oak flight board. When your all jam is gone you can hang the board "Gather" side out for a rustic look.

Crumb Catching Cutting Board

$ 25 USD

Made from Pecan cut on our farm. A great addition to your bread loving kitchen. As you cut all the crumbs fall between the cracks instead of on your counter.

Fire on the Mountain Spice Blend

$ 8 USD

So we took our garlic and Himalayan salt and smoked them, then added a blend of other spices to liven up meats and veggies! 2oz

Kind of a Jerk Spice Blend

$ 8 USD

Our garlic and herbs in a flavor combination that complements meats and vegetables. Includes, garlic, allspice, paprika, orange peel, pepper, thyme & savory in a grinder jar. 2oz

Garlic Salt

$ 8 USD

Our homegrown Korean Garlic dehydrated and combined with Pink Himalayan Salt. Comes in a glass jar with a grinder top so you can add the taste of freshly ground garlic to your favorite foods. 2oz

Grinder Gift Pack

$ 32 USD

Our three spice grinders nestled in a homemade Oak box to sit or hang near the stove. Makes a great gift!

Raspberry Jam

$ 5 USD

Subtly sweet raspberries in our jam make a great topping for toast or ice cream. 4oz

Blackberry Jam

$ 5 USD

Our blackberries make perfect jam with seeds and all!! 4oz

Strawberry Jam

$ 5 USD

Our homegrown strawberries cooked into a low-sugar jam. 4oz

Blueberry Jam

$ 5 USD

Our blueberries in a great low-sugar jam are the best on toast! 4oz

Strawberry Rhubarb Jam

$ 5 USD

Sweet strawberries and tart rhubarb combine to make our favorite jam. 4oz

Jalapeno Bread & Butter Pickles

$ 7 USD

Our spicy jalapenos in a sweet brine with thinly sliced onions. These little gems make a great sandwich addition! 8oz

Herbed White Balsamic Vinegar

$ 8 USD

Our own Rosemary, Marjoram & Oregano steeped in a White Balsamic Vinegar to infuse their flavor. Bottle with a sprig of Rosemary to set it off. 5oz For local pick up only.

Blackberry Mint White Balsamic Vinegar

$ 8 USD

Our Blackberries and Mint infused in a White Balsamic Vinegar. Makes a delicious dressing. 5oz For local pick up only.

Shallot & Herb White Balsamic Vinegar

$ 8 USD

Our Shallots impart their subtle flavor to this White Balsamic Vinegar along with Thyme, Summer Savory & Sage. 5oz For local pick up only.

Bath Flight

$ 30 USD

An oak flight board, sawn and processed here on our farm. Filled with our own hand lotion, sugar scrub and bath salts. Flip it over and hang it in your bathroom for a rustic look. Makes a great gift for her.


Facial Mask

$ 10 USD

Bentonite Clay and Oatmeal combined with Tea Tree Oil and Distilled Water to promote clear healthy skin.


Face Mask

$ 2.50 USD

A one-time use Clay and Oatmeal Face Mask. Just add water or cider vinegar and pamper your face. Makes a great Stocking Stuffer!!

Face Wash

$ 7 USD

Made from Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Our face wash gently cleans and moisturizes your face. Apply to dry skin, rinse with warm water. 4oz bottle


Facial Wipes

$ 6 USD

A great way to bring homemade goodness with you on the go. Cotton rounds soaked in Witch Hazel, Aloe, Coconut Oil and Castille Soap, then scented with Lavender Essential Oil. Cleans your pores and refreshes. 24 each


Deodorant Spray

$ 8 USD

An underarm deoderant spray that keeps you fresh all day. Alcohol free witch hazel combined with magnesium oil and essential oils which provide essential salts and allow glands to breathe freely.

For local pick up only.

Sleepyhead Balm

$ 4 USD

A tin of relaxing balm that combines Castor Oil and Shea Butter with a mixture of essential oils that soothes your senses as you drift off to sleep. Great for fussy babies too!


Get Moving Oil

$ 10 USD

An oil made with herbs and habanero peppers to stimulate circulation and relax muscles. 1oz bottle



Herbal Muscle Liniment

$ 10 USD

A combination of herbs steeped in Shea Butter, Coconut and Extra Virgin Olive oils. Then we add our Get Moving Oil and Beeswax to make a rub for your tired muscles.


Oak & Ivy Rescue

$ 7 USD

Everytime Wesley is sent to the garden he comes back with some kind of rash. This old-time herbal formula helps him. A blend of burdock root, plantain & comfrey steeped in extra virgin olive oil. 1oz bottle



Chest Clear Salve

$ 10 USD

A combination of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, beeswax and our Get Moving Oil to clear up those stuffy nights.  1.6 oz bottle


Herbal Balm

$ 7 USD

Combination of Arnica, Comfrey and Calendula steeped in  Shea Butter and Coconut Oil. Excellent for all bumps, cuts and bruises. 2oz bottle



Toiletry Gift Basket

$ 80 USD

An assortment of 3 body soaps, 1 shaving soap, 1 soap dish, 1 lotion, 1 arnica balm and 1 lip balm, 1 face wash and 1 sugar scrub. All surrounding a hand painted Outhouse doorstop. We make these to order, once we receive your order we will contact you to get all of your scent choices.



Chocolate Spice Lip Balm

$ 3.50 USD

Chocolate and cinnamon make a great combination in this cocoa butter based lip balm. Spicy and sweet. 1/2 oz tin


Cinnamon Spice Lip Balm

$ 3.50 USD

The warming scent of cinnamon essential oil in a moisturizing combination of shea butter and vitamin E. 1/2 oz tin


Cocoa Lip Balm

$ 3.50 USD

Treat your lips to chocolate! This one is made with cocoa butter and apricot kernel oil. 1/2 oz tin



Cocoa Mint Lip Balm

$ 3.50 USD

Chocolate and peppermint flavors in this soothing lip balm made from apricot kernel oil and cocoa butter. 1/2 oz tin



Coconut Lime Lip Balm

$ 3.50 USD

The tropical scent of coconut and limes in a coconut and almond oil base. 1/2 oz tin


Lavender Peppermint Lip Balm

$ 3.50 USD

Lavender and peppermint essential oils combine to make a fresh lip balm that soothes the senses. 1/2oz tins


Orange Clove Lip Balm

$ 3.50 USD

Oranges with a hint of clove to keep your lips smooth all year with shea butter and almond oil. 1/2 oz tin



Orange Vanilla Lip Balm

$ 3.50 USD

Just like those popsicles, orange and vanilla make this balm smell like it's good enough to eat. Made with shea butter and almond oil. 1/2 oz tin


Citrus Hand & Body Lotion

$ 4 USD

The clean smell of citrus fruits permeates this hand and body lotion to give a tropical feel. Made with coconut and olive oils. 3.6oz jar



Lavender Hand & Body Lotion

$ 4 USD

Our creamy lotion lightly scented with lavender essential oil, it's great for hands and body. Made with olive and coconut oils. 3.6 OZ jar



Lime Ginger Hand & Body Lotion

$ 4 USD

The clean fresh scent of ginger mixed with lime in this creamy lotion keeps your skin smooth. Made with olive and coconut oils. 3.6 oz jar



Mint Hand & Body Lotion

$ 4 USD

Mint smells clean and refreshing in this hand and body lotion. Made with coconut and olive oils. 3.6oz jar


Orange Clove Hand & Body Lotion

$ 4 USD

Oranges and cloves give a warm scent in this hand and body lotion. Made with olive and coconut oils. 3.6 oz jar



Orange Geranium Hand & Body Lotion

$ 4 USD

Creamy olive and coconut oils combined with the scent of Sweet Orange & Geranium Essential Oils.


Peppermint Vanilla Hand Lotion

$ 4 USD

Our creamy lotion scented with Peppermint & Vanilla Essential Oils. A treat during those cold seasons.


Snickerdoodle Hand & Body Lotion

$ 4 USD

Our creamy hand lotion scented with cinnamon and vanilla just like the cookie. A yummy way to moisturize.


Vanilla Hand & Body Lotion

$ 4 USD

Our creamy coconut & olive oil based cream scented with Vanilla Essential Oil. 3.6 oz jar


Chocolate Orange Sugar Scrub

$ 4 USD

The scent of chocolate covered oranges in a creamy sugar scrub. Use to exfoliate and moisturize. A holiday scent that stimulates the senses.


Bergamot Rose Sugar Scrub

$ 4 USD

Our luscious sugar scrub scented with Bergamot and Absolute Rose Essential Oils. Perfect for a Valentine's Day gift.


Coconut & Lime Sugar Scrub

$ 4 USD

Cocoa butter, coconut oil combined with Lime  essential oil and sugar to create a yummy smelling exfoliant. 4oz jar



Vanilla Peppermint Sugar Scrub

$ 4 USD

Holiday scents of vanilla and peppermint. A great way to exfoliate and moisturize with a deliciouse scent.


Oatmeal Honey Bath Melt

$ 3 USD

Pamper your skin with an Oatmeal Honey bath. One creamy melt will keep your skin moisturized this winter.

Lavender Rose Bath Salts

$ 5 USD

Our bath salts scented with Lavender and Absolute Rose Essential Oils. Complete with lovely dried rose petals.


Chai Bath Salts

$ 5 USD

Himalayan and Epsom Salts scented with cardamom, clove, cinnamon and anise. Great for a cold winter's night.

Lemon & Rosemary Bath Salts

$ 5 USD

Kick back and relax with a blend of Epsom salt and Baking Powder scented with fresh Rosemary, Lemon Zest and Lemon Essential Oils.


Mojito Bath Salts

$ 5 USD

Mint and Lime just like the cocktail. A relaxing bath with epsom salt and baking soda to soothe the skin.


Dog Suds

$ 5 USD

Our new pet shampoo. Added vinegar to adjust for the ph of our best pals. Scented with peppermint, geranium, tea tree and other oils to repel fleas and ticks and soothe our best friends' skin.


Pet Insect Spray

$ 7 USD

An apple cider vinegar based spray with basil, rosemary & peppermint essential oils. We used this on our goats and then started using it on our dog to help him keep off those bugs.



$ 3 USD

A cleaned and cut homegrown luffa. An all natural way to clean your body or for household use.

Luffa Seeds

$ 2 USD

Grow your own luffa! A packet of seeds from our luffa. Plant in the spring and enjoy your own luffa next year.

Vanilla Extract

$ 16 USD

A treat we use all the time for cookies at our house. A 5oz bottle of real vanilla extract we make and age 6 months before selling. For local pick up only.

Flu Tea Blend

$ 9 USD

Our dried herbs combined to combat the season's coughs and sniffles. We use this throughout the winter to boost our immune system and it tastes great too! Raspberry, Peppermint, Nettle, Alfalfa, Yarrow.

Respiratory Tea Blend

$ 9 USD

A blend of herbs to aid your respiratory system. Peppermint, Oregano, Mullein, Echinacea & Comfrey

Elderberry Syrup

$ 15 USD

An 8oz jar of our elderberries cooked with ginger, cinnamon and cloves. Then we mix in local raw honey. This is not heat processed so each batch must be refrigerated and has a two week shelf life. For local pick up only.